Jan. 2024 Workshop, “Sustainable Recovery of North American Birds”

Session Recordings

Visit our Youtube channel to view all recordings of plenary talks, panel discussions, evening speakers, and select breakout sessions. 

January 17 AM Session:

  • Blending Science and Action: Imperatives for Bird Conservation – Plenary talk by Lynn Scarlett (Former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Interior, Executive for The Nature Conservancy) 
  • Integration of Biological and Social Science for Species Recovery – Panel discussion 
  • Identifying and Addressing Causes of Decline: A Gap Analysis – Presentation 
  • Identifying Human Dimensions Connections and Private Lands Conservation Opportunities – Panel discussion

January 18 AM Session:

  • Building a Diverse Coalition for Multiple Species Recovery – Plenary talk by Tammy VerCauteran (Executive Director for Bird Conservancy of the Rockies) 
  • Pilot species working groups at different stages of their understanding – Panel discussion
  • Focusing Species Working Groups on Recovery through the R2R Process – Panel discussion
  • Conservation decision-making with incomplete information (focused on sustainable recovery) – Panel discussion

January 19 AM Session:

  • Lessons learned from 30+ years of diverse partnerships for conservation across the Caribbean – Plenary talk by Lisa Sorenson (Executive Director for Birds Caribbean)
  • Diverse Perspectives on Partnerships – Panel discussion
  • Elevating our Conservation Impact for Birds Across the Americas – Plenary talk by Aurelio Ramos (Senior Vice President for Audubon Americas) 
  • Looking to the future – defining and tracking recovery – Panel discussion 
  • Closing remarks by Pete Marra (Dean of the Earth Commons and Laudato Si’ Professor of Biology and the Environment at Georgetown University)

Range Mapping and the Art of Identifying with Birds – Plenary talk by Drew Lanham (Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Master Teacher at Clemson University)