U.S. State of the Birds report released featuring R2R approach for Tipping Point Species

The 2022 U.S. State of the Birds report was released on October 12th, at StateOfTheBirds.org.  The report was released by the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) and represents a collaboration among 32 science and conservation organizations and agencies; it summarizes data on the changes in bird populations across habitats in the United States in the past five decades and highlights ways we can help bend the curve for birds and increase human well-being. In the report, scientists with the Road to Recovery initiative have issued an alert for 90 declining bird species—birds that are not yet federally listed as threatened or endangered, but that have lost half or more of their breeding population since 1970. Of these, 70 Tipping Point species are on a trajectory to lose another half or more of their populations in the next 50 years if nothing changes. These Tipping Point species are high priorities for science and conservation because of their high vulnerability to extinction, high urgency, and steep population declines where known. The report highlights the strategic Road to Recovery process to reverse declines.

We hope you will visit the State of the Birds website, download the report, and spread the word. You’ll find additional resources in the State of the Birds media and partner kit, which you are welcome to use and to share with partners. It includes content for a 6-week social media campaign and other materials for sharing the report’s messages.