Workshop 3

Phase 3: Developing The Process of Recovery for North American Birds, 27-29 July 2021

Workshop 3

Phase 3: Developing The Process of Recovery for North American Birds, 27-29 July 2021

In this 3rd workshop, we developed a process for advancing species towards sustainable population recovery, beginning with Tipping Point Species, previously referred to as “Species on the Brink”. The purpose of the third workshop was to explore how social science, communications and co-production can be incorporated into recovery of species on the brink and to eliminate the implementation gap. The third workshop was attended by 511 participants over three days. 

This workshop brought together a total of 511 participants– current bird species experts and working groups, social scientists, conservation practitioners and other conservation partners– to explore both progress and challenges through the lens of five fundamental questions that reflect not just on science or conservation outcomes but also on the manner in which conservation is practiced.

  1. What does population recovery look like and what actions are needed to support and sustain this process? That is, how will we effectively address the limiting factors associated with the decline of the species/population?
  2. What can we learn from existing species recovery models (e.g. Endangered Species Recovery Teams) to structure and fund the recovery process going forward?
  3. How will co-production of the science (a collaborative process of engaging both scientists and those using and impacted by the results) advance species recovery goals?
  4. How does the path to recovery meaningfully incorporate social science concepts and results at all stages of the process?
  5. How can we incorporate inclusivity and social and environmental justice into all stages along the path to recovery?
Cover of Workshop 3 featuring Lesser Yellowlegs: The Road to Recovery- Developing the Process of Recovery for North American Birds
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Desired Outcomes for Workshop 3

  • A synthesis on how we can incorporate social science, co-production and communications in the road to recovery process.
  • A reimagined Road to Recovery Process with examples for the inclusion of the social sciences and co-production from existing bird conservation efforts.

Day 1: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Inclusion of social science: Inclusion of social science, co-production, and communications in species recovery

Day 2: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Recovery stories: Process and the efforts of species working groups and initiatives

Day 3: Thursday, July 29, 2021

Outlook to the future: Integrating cultural perspectives, joint ventures as implementation arms, and next steps for R2R