Species Working Group Webinars

Monthly Species Working Group Webinar Series

R2R is focused on recovering the most rapidly declining birds in the U.S. and Canada by supporting species-focused teams. View recordings of our monthly webinar series highlighting the work of these groups below. Visit our ‘News & Events’ page for information on upcoming webinars.

October 2023

Thomas Ryan – The status of Least Tern Populations in California and Northwest Mexico

November 2023

Katie Christie and Kelly Srigley Werner – Lesser Yellowlegs Research and Conservation: Filling Knowledge Gaps while Moving to Action.

December 2023

David Yeany and Matt Young  – Evening Grosbeak: Initiating Continental Research and Conservation for a Steeply Declining Irruptive Migrant

January 2024

Michael Green and Ken Popper – Western Yellow Rail Working Group organization and progress

February 2024

Randy Dettmers and Elizabeth Hunter – Identifying remaining critical demographic information gaps and developing a full annual cycle population model for Cerulean Warblers

March 2024

Clay Green – Implementation of the Reddish Egret Conservation Plan

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April 2024

Amber Roth – Road to Recovery for the Golden-winged Warbler

May 2024

Calandra Stanley – Tracking Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) progress along the Road to Recovery