Road to Recovery Graduate Fellow Position

Role: Assist with various aspects of the Road to Recovery (R2R) effort to Bring Back 3 Billion Birds. Following the publication of the Rosenberg et al. (2019) paper on the Decline of the North American Avifauna, the authors and collaborators have been working to mobilize efforts across multiple areas (from targeting new science to understand causes of decline, to changing policy, communicating with the public, and leverage large-scale funding) in order to recover bird populations. R2R seeks a current graduate student to work part-time to support and contribute to these efforts.

Expected time commitment: 20 hrs/week

Duration of position: 1 year

Compensation: $15,000/semester or 30,000/yr

Primary responsibilities

  • Attend, note-take for, and contribute to weekly or biweekly meetings with Road to Recovery subcommittees
  • Maintain and develop Progress Toward Species Recovery database – through literature searches and outreach to species experts, contribute information on R2R Tipping Point Species to determine where they fall along the recovery pyramid; identify remaining knowledge gaps for Tipping Point Species
  • Organize and facilitate Road to Recovery workshop series
    • Create and distribute promotional materials (invitations, agendas)
    • Coordinate speakers and pre-speaker meetings
    • Manage workshop registration (e.g., send info and reminders to registrants, keep up with email requests and questions from registrants and attendees)
    • Post-workshop: compile chat and Q&A, write and distribute workshop reports
  • Create and give presentations to update affiliated groups on R2R goals and progress

Skills and qualifications: Must be a current graduate student (preferably Ph.D.)

Apply: Send a CV and a cover letter to Paul Schmidt (

Canada warbler photo by William H. Majoros